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Red Pilot Frixion Heat Erasable Ball Point Pen

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Listing is for 1 Pilot Frixion Heat ErasablePen Frixion Heat Erasable Pen 07

- Red ink

Perfect for embroidery pattern transfering!

Use a blow dryer, iron, or any safe heat source to erase mistakes or uncovered marks.

Ink is washable.

Write smoothly and erase clean with the convenience of FriXion pens. The thermo-sensitive gel ink formula disappears with the erasing friction of a rubber tail plug eraser on the top of each pen.

Note: FriXion Erasable Pens are not recommended for signatures or official legal documents. If pen is exposed to temperature that reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the ink will appear colorless when writing. To restore color, cool to at least 14 degrees Fahrenheit in freezer and the ink will again write in color. Pilot Pen offers high-quality, innovative and smooth writing instruments that enable you to get it all done with style and ease.