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High Crafting

Klass & Gessmann Beechwood Embroidery Hoop

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The quality of Klass & Gessmann embroidery hoops is unlike any other hoop I've tried. Previously made in Germany, these polished, wood hoops are now made in Bulgaria to the same exacting standards. The wood is triple glued and smoothly polished, with finished edges. Each hoop features brass hardware and a notched screw for additional tightening. (I've added a soft cap to protect your fabric from catching on it.) Every hoop bears their famous, wood-burned factory logo! 

This is the 8mm hoop. It's such a nice slender style! This hoop works especially well with finer, more delicate fabrics.

  • 1 embroidery hoop
  • Slender design, 8mm deep (approx. 5/16") 
  • available in diameters (visible fabric area) of 105 mm (4.25"), 125 mm (4.75”), 155 mm (6")
  • brass hardware with notched screw
  • wood-burned logo

Wood coloring and graining of your hoop may vary from the photos shown.