Valentines Chaco Collaboration

Valentines Chaco Collaboration

High Crating X Chaco Instagram Giveaway

This month, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Chacos Footwear for another giveaway (now closed)! I designed the pinkest, Valentine inspired, custom designed pair of Z2 sandals! Featuring hand embroidered/beaded cast-on roses on the main straps, fun valentine pattern on the heal strap, glow in the dark buckle and logo badge, and white sole. These sandals are a size 7W (my size). But, since the winner may not wear that size, these are not the pair the winner receive. They're mine... all mine! muaaahahahahahahah. Kidding. Im not a hot pink girlie, so I'll likely sell them. The giveaway winner will get to design their own pair of custom Chacos, and has the option to have them hand embroidered by me. 

See the Reel here!

Watch me embroider live!

I had so much fun stitching up these prissy lil things! They were stitched almost entirely on Tik Tok Live! Embroidering on live is such a gratifying thing for me bc not only do I get to meet, hang out, and share embroidery with so many amazing people, but I also get real time feedback and constructive input on whatever I'm working on. This color or that color? Another french knot, or leave it alone? Is that petal too wonky? I'm often crippled by indecision, so it's incredibly helpful to be able to bounce things off my viewers. We also have a lot fun! If you've ever been in my lives, you know! LOLz! If you haven't, I invite you to come hang out, forget your worries for a bit, watch me embroider, and listen to me be a spazz 🤪. I also answer questions and give tips and tricks. I've even been known to go off on a side quest just to demonstrate something for struggling stitchers, which I'm always more than happy to do! So please pop in, say hi, ask questions, or just chill.  However, be warned, there will likely be adult langue and topics at some point in the live, so discussions may not always be appropriate for children or those with delicate constitutions. Politics and other polarizing topics are always off limits. This is a fun and safe space for everyone interested in embroidery!

Wanna embroider your own Chacos? 

First of all, it's easier than it seems! But I got you! I've got plenty of tips and tricks in my 'tips and tricks' playlist on TT and all the supplies that makes stitching on tricky materials waaaaay easier. Also, be sure check out my tutorial on how to start and tie off without using knots here! You can thank me later 😉